Does the website of an investing company need to be as complicated as understanding investments?


Re-designing to simplify the investment informational architecture.​

Wodehouse Capital

Wodehouse Capital is a Mid-Market focused Investment Bank and Multi Family Office. Being independently owned and funded, having a team with over 200 years of combined mid-market deal experience gained in the industry, professional services, private equity and international debt markets, ensures their clients receive the best objective advice available. Wodehouse Capital is a member of the World M&A Alliance and is represented in 12 European countries, apart from having a worldwide presence in the US, South America, Australia, Japan and Middle East.

Our task was to redesign the website to reflect the stature and ethos of the Wodehouse brand. Wodehouse Capital’s previous website made it difficult for the user to reach the right information logically. As a result, the information architecture was restructured to make it easily navigable, delivering a better user-experience. The new website also needed to be responsive and work with various screen sizes—smartphone, tablet or desktop as well as on all major browsers. Lastly, the user interface needed to reflect opulence and class aesthetically to stand out amongst competitors.

Services: Website Design

Client: Wodehouse Capital

Sector: Investment Banking/Finance

Information Architecture

The information on the website was prioritised according to importance, the client’s business goals and relation to the other content on the site. This made the flow of the user experience clean and focused.

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