How do you brand efficiency in a workspace?


By visualizing exponential growth.


ORD Group was founded in 2018 by Rajesh Gupta and Deepanshu Gupta, who were among the founders of Okaya Group and Microtek, two household names when it came batteries or inverters. Okaya is one of the Top 3 battery brands in India while Microtek is the No.1 inverter brand in the country. They have brought their vision and expertise into ORD Towers – the upcoming name in tech-led intelligent workspaces.

Fast-growing businesses need effective employees. For them to be proficient, workspaces need to step up and help inspire productivity and efficiency. While in the business of ‘build-to-lease’ commercial spaces, ORD Tower’s’ goal is to deliver workspaces that combine hospitality with efficiency. They bring excellence to their floors by studying and understanding the needs of a business. Our brief was to brand their commercial real estate vertical while defining the brand architecture and positioning for the group brand.

Services: Branding | Positioning | Brand Architecture

Client: ORD

Sector: Commercial Real estate

ORD Group Brand Positioning

The letters ORD are the first three letters of the word ordinary. Yet there’s nothing ordinary about ORD. Using sheer intelligence, be it businesses that we invest in or reinforce for improvements. ORD is not just three letters in the word ordinary, it is the name that brings the words beyond, above, and extra before ordinary.

Design Language

Our brand language is derived from the brand logo, from our overall concept of ‘Arrow’ as a symbol of ‘moving forward’. The language will further help in creating a visual consistency in all communications. The arrow can be interpreted in countless ways, but primarily there are five ways defined for the brand to ensure consistency.

Monolithic Group Brand Architecture

The Group had the vision to diversify their businesses across different  verticals. Using colour as a differentiator – we defined a unified  branding system, where different verticals could leverage the brand  equity of the parent brand.

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