How do you communicate portfolio and range of flavourful beers for Bira 91?


By aligning the brand promise with the design strategy

Make Play with Flavors

A refreshingly modern beer brand, Imagined in India, Bira 91 aspires to bring flavorful beers to the new world. As one of the fastest growing brands in the world, Bira 91 has built a diverse portfolio of award-winning beers, one for every occasion, and aims to drive the global shift in beer towards more color and flavor. The brand positioning ‘Make Play with flavours’ unapologetically celebrates the idea of experimentation. With their growing portfolio of brands; the challenge was to design a memorable visual element for the brand which could communicate this world of flavours which the brand has to offer.

ServicesBranding, Communication, Naming, Packaging

Client: B9 Beverages

Sector: Alcoholic Beverage


The Bira 91 flavor rings have been derived from the beer fizz and the world of flavors the brand has to offer. Using the already established product flavour colours and the circle from the numerical ‘91’ — flavor rings have been crafted for the each of the portfolio brands. This secondary asset further strengthens the brand’s visual assets palette (monkey, bira 91 logo) and flavor associations.

Flavor rings as tertiary visual equity

Each flavour ring is formed by taking half and half of two master colours from the beer variant. The idea is to make each flavour recognisable and bring out product recall even if the primary Bira 91 assets are not visible.

Indian Pale Ale

Boom Super Strong

Blonde Summer Lager




Malabar Stout

The Rainbow Ring communicates the world of flavour

Bira 91’s master ring is representative of all its flavors. While the flavor rings respresent individual flavors at a product level communication, the rainbow ring shall be used for all brand level communication.

Extending the brand positioning of “Make play with flavours” these rings add fun and flexibility to our design language. It can be used as fizz on top of our bottles or can be seen acting like a frame  in our communications. It builds on the unique Bira 91 brand assets and is designed to work in a variety of applications from screen to print.

Adding fresh consistency across touch-points.

The previous cartons while being colorful and nicely designed, lacked a cohesiveness when placed together. Each carton followed a separate system of design. The introduction of the rings bought in a much needed consistency to the design of the cartons. The new design system allows for easy adaptation across various SKUs.

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Bira 91 Brand Films 

The rings were taken into animated 20 second motion comercials by *studio name*. These films began airing on TV since the ICC Cricket World Cup. They are also played at various airport terminals across India, and also on Bira 91’s social media. The films provide a unique insight into the flavorful worlds of different beers from the Bira 91 portfolio. These films were made by Mayda Creative, London. 

Watch the whole series on Bira 91’s Youtube channel.

Bira 91 Taproom in Bangalore

The Makeplay ring design was so flexible that they were used in the interior designs of the Taproom of Bira in Bangalore.

The ICC partnership 

Bira 91’s partnership with ICC for the Cricket World Cup, provided a unique opportunity to design merchandise and activation points for the brand. Along with being aired on TV in between the matches, the advertising was also present on the boundary displays at the actual venues.

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