How can cold pressed juices not sound cold?


By making the consumer feel good inside out.​

Imagine | Cold Pressed Juice​

‘Juice Up’ from Fresh Food Concepts, is a range of 100% Raw & Natural, Cold Pressed Juices made by blending innovative combinations of fruits and vegetables, to deliver both taste and nutrition. The vision was to diversify its beverage portfolio under a new brand name ‘Imagine’ to smoothies, health-shots, matcha teas, fruit lemonades, super-food pouches etc – All of which will be ‘Clean Label’ which means they all will not have any chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavours or added sugar.

The new brand ‘Imagine’ would launch with cold-pressed juices and slowly diversify its beverage portfolio. Imagine is India’s first and only cold pressed juice that comes in a glass bottle and has an extended shelf life. Our task was to create the identity and packaging design system for the brand.

Services: Branding | Positioning | Packaging | Website

Client: Fresh Food Pvt. Ltd

Sector: Food & Beverage

The Good Feeling

With increased health awareness & changing lifestyles, consumers are gravitating towards ‘healthier’ alternatives to carbonated and sugary drinks. When we eat and drink healthy we feel good about ourselves. We wanted the consumers to feel good from inside and outside. Imagine juices speak of health, purity, uniqueness, and happiness. In fact, what better way to speak, than to let the bottles do the talking? We decided that as a brand we must spread happiness. Not just from inside the bottle but from outside as well! So when we pick up a bottle and see what it has to say and then drink the deliciously fresh and healthy juice in it.

A brand that compliments your Lifestyle. Your Diet. And You.

Flavour driven compliments speak directly to the consumer and aligns with our brand positioning of ‘The Good Feeling’. The good feeling went all the way back with more intricate stories about the product behind the pack as well. A design that’s quite unlike typical juice bottles on the shelves. The torn effect gives a hand crafted feel to the labels which further adds authenticity to the product range. The choice of font was breaking the clutter. The brand identity was a play on negative space. We extended the verbal language on the bottle caps.

The brand positioning “The Good Feeling” leverages the brand’s equities, creating a powerful secondary language to be used across touch-points and communications.
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