How do you sell sugar?


By redefining sweetness beyond sugar.

Dhampure Sugar

Established in 1933, Dhampur Sugar Mills is one of the oldest and largest sugar manufacturers in India. Its brand ‘Dhampure’ is the country’s first retail brand of packaged, sulphur less sugar. A pioneer in sugar segment and market leader in North India, Dhampure is a household name in every kitchen.

With an evolving retail environment and multiple players in the FMCG industry, the challenge was to infuse a new personality to the brand while ensuring brand attributes of purity and joy are communicated. It was also important to leverage Dhampure’s current market leadership in the sugar segment by retaining the element of orange, a colour that is etched in Dhampure’s patronage, for years.

Services: Positioning | Rebranding | Packaging

Client: Dhampure Sugar Mills Ltd

Sector: FMCG

A design solution that would be a fit with every segment of consumers and yet not alienate the current set.

Dhampure’s eight-decade long legacy is a testament to its trusted quality. The new Dhampure identity is an evolution of the old. We modernised the Dhampure crest to establish a higher visibility across a varied range of products and competitors. The logomark, with its tall and slant-cut letterforms is inspired from the very distinctive shape of sugarcane.



Dil Mein Mithaas
There’s a large part of the world that’s full of negativity and hatred. Let’s stop, take a moment and 
breathe. Try to be a little more compassionate. Just like a little sugar can change one’s mood,  so can a few 
sweet words from the heart. So add a little Dhampure sugar to your food, and a little more sweetness to your life.
Sugar has the power to bring excitement to life. The very idea of Dadi-Nani making 'kheer' sparks joy, even before one can taste it. The new packaging of Dhampure Sugar is a celebration of the joy that comes with all things sweet. Illustrated patterns with traditional flourishes were derived for each product, based on the kind of sugar and its usage.


Whether its the daily cup of chai or festive sweets in different shapes and styles, white sugar is most widely used product category, and Dhampure’s top selling product.


Dhampure’s brown sugar is well trusted in the baking community for its aromatic flavor that goes perfectly with coffee and baked desserts.


Extra fine sugar that dissolves almost instantly, hence used majorly in beverages, cocktails, soft desserts and confectionary products.


Winters in North India are welcomed with warm cup of Gur Chai and peanut-jaggery-sesame bars called Chikki. Gur is also widely used in popular Bengali sweets like Sondesh.


Sugar crystals that are commonly offered as Prasad in temples or religious events. Mixed with fennel, Mishri is also used as traditional mouth freshener.

Brand Positioning weaved into each product.
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