Giving birth is not a sickness so why should a woman have to go to a hospital to deliver?


Redesigning hospital into a birthplace.​


A birthplace is about being born at many levels. The birth of a child in turn gives life to myriad relationships. So the Birthplace, as a brand is a cradle for many phenomena the birth of a mother, of a father, of hope, of new beginnings; of a brand new journey, amongst other births. A simple, fluid letter B features a line that connects its outer protuberance to a blossoming heart inside, representing the life growing within the mother’s womb. It is a delicate symbol of one of the deepest and strongest bonds on earth a mother and child connected by the nurturing umbilical cord. The identity in some explorations indicates the progress of the precious life over nine months. The heart motif gradually blossoms in size till birth, when it is no longer inside the Letter B (womb) but outside, a living, breathing entity.

Services: Design Strategy | Brand Identity | Design Language

Client: Birthplace

Sector: Healthcare


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