How to launch a light beer ?


By making it guilt free.

Bira 91 Light

Our brief was to elevate the experience of light beer drinkers who wanted more from their light beers. In India the light beer category basically meant low alcohol beers. Bira 91 Light wanted to deliver a premium refreshment light beer that would fit within the active lifestyles of today’s consumers. A pint of smooth, well-balanced Bira 91 Light contains just 80 calories, which is less than a glass of champagne, a glass of wine, or even a banana. It is the lowest amount of calories for any alcoholic drink. A refreshed and reformulated light & crispy beer Bira 91 with 80 calories and 3 gm carbs, demanded a refreshed packaging and positioning.

Services: Packaging Refresh | Positioning
Client: B9 Beverages 
Sector: Alcoholic Beverage

Brand Positioning
No guilt. Only pleasure.

Whether you’re out with your friends or at home on the grill, nothing is more refreshing than drinking a beer. Unfortunately, too many can lead to the infamous “beer belly.” With 80 calories & 3gm carbs, it’s bye-bye beer belly and hello crispy taste. Suddenly, beer isn’t a guilty drink anymore. Especially for today’s generation that’s obsessed with counting calories with everything they drink and eat.

Raising the bar of flavour and taste in the light beer category.

The evolution of the packaging design for Bira 91 light included – a reimagined cloud unit which emphasised on the calories and carbs in-take and contemporized graphic pallette. The silver base of the can depicts it’s a low calorie offering. The mascot sailing over the mountains on a cloud completes the story of lightness and freshness, giving the packaging a very strong visual language that can be extended across mediums.



The new Bira 91 Light has only 80 calories. That’s less than the calories a banana has.
All communications lead with the calorie and carb promise.
The brand imagery reinforced the active lifestyle which we wanted the product to be associated with.
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