01. Discovery

Understanding is key: at NH1, every one of us asks probing questions that peel away layers to reveal the raison d’être of a brand’s existence. Inquiry leads to insights which, in turn, help create connections with consumers.

Challenges to Insights

→ Co-Create Brief
→ Desk Research
→ Brand Audit
→ Target Audience

→ Internal & External Interviews
→ Secondary Research & Analysis
→ Brand & Consumer Insights

02. Development

We believe enduring brands need to be nurtured carefully and built inside out. The strategic company strengths and consumer insights from the Discovery phase helps align your brand and business ambitions. This leads to a robust brand architecture, DNA, personality, competitive positioning and a core purpose which connects with the head and heart of your consumers


→ Brand Vision
→ Brand Mission
→ Brand Core Purpose
→ Brand Personality

→ Brand Positioning
→ Brand Tagline
→ Brand Naming
→ Portfolio Architecture

03. Design

We define your visual and verbal brand assets and create distinctiveness to drive recognition, consumer engagement and brand growth.


→ Visual & Verbal Design
→ Brand Identity
→ Design Language
→ Brand experience Design

→ Advertising
→ Digital & Social Media
→ Packaging Design
→ UI Design

→ Editorial & Corporate Reporting
→ Internal Employee Communications
→ Exhibition & Events
→ Environmental Graphics

04. Delivery

NH1 is known for its attention to detail: in the Delivery phase, we convert aspiration into action. Brand asset management tools, including the brand manual which keeps your brand consistent yet fresh, form part of our brand toolkit.


→ Brand Management Guide
→ Social Media Guidelines
→ Print Specifications