NH1 Birthday Guestlist - Hanger

NH1 Birthday Guest list - Brick

NH1 Birthday Guest list - Wig

We've turned 5


Brainstorming on a Sunday. As they say, culture will eat strategy for breakfast. #brandingworkshop

Introducing NHOnesies by NH1 Design – Things your new born wants to tell you.

What's a birthday without a crazy birthday party?


Hex Barse! Happy Holi, NH1 style!


When meetings end like this. #christmaseve #happyclients

We've turned 2! And this time, we asked our clients to virtually decorate a cake for us. We loved each one of them.

It's our 2nd birthday today. And because we knew you'd forget (you're a busy person after all!), we remembered for you. So, as usual, we've made life simple. We've pre-baked a cake. All you have to do is design it the way you want (that's right, tables have turned this time around) and send it back to us. Choose your own message, clipart, design elements, etc. We can't wait to have our own cake and eat it too.


#festivegreetings 2014


Retirement Present - Businesscards #withlovefromnh1design


Santa's come to town early!

Our studio walls have a story to tell

All work and no play makes for an uninspired workspace – The NH1 Design team was having some fun around the studio. And we’d like you to meet Mr. Cat, our brewing-with-ideas coffee machine and our wise bookshelf.

Enough of words this Valentine's

And teddy bears and cheesy mushy things. Nobody believes all that anyway. Actions speak louder than words. This Valentine's we designed Love Coupons, so you actually do the things you promise. Instead of promising things you'll never do. We sent these to our clients, friends and family and #spreadsomelove.

Later, we thought, let's gift it to strangers and spread some more love! And we are so glad we did! From young, excited, love struck couples, to cute aunties and uncles, everyone was pleasantly surprised and only had smiles on their faces. Some even filled it for their loved one there and then. It was indeed, a Happy Valentine's Day! Lookout for those happy expressions and #spreadsomelove 


Touch and feel. #moodboard #WIP #fashion

Holi hai!! NH1 style!




NH1 Santa grants you a wish this Christmas!
Dear Client, You've been good all year. So, this Christmas, NH1 Santa has decided to fulfill one of you wish. 

Love Coupons by NH1 Design.


All work and no play? Not at NH1.


Insta peek into our studio life

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