How do you differentiate professional dental products in a highly cluttered market?


By structuring the design foundation from the product itself.

Wizdent by Pidilite

Masters of all things chemistry, Pidilite has been an integral part of India’s everyday solutions for six decades. They are now venturing into the world of dental consumables – the most frequently used and essential dental products. This isn’t surprising since Pidilite’s sturdy expertise in polymers and adhesives work very well with quality dental material.

Till date, Indian brands in this field have been far and few, most boasting low-quality standards and poor products, that is also the reason why Indian dental professionals rely heavily on imported products and global companies. The downside is the lack of local market awareness.

Pidilite’s new venture aims to bridge the gap between quality products that are crafted for Indian dental professionals, making dentistry simple, better and efficient.

Services: Naming | Positioning | Branding | Packaging | Design Language

Client: Pidilite Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Sector: Healthcare

For a new brand stepping into a market largely dominated by international players like 3M ESPE, GC, Coltene and others, the brand name needed to stand out and also be highly relevant to the dental industry. The coined name ‘Wizdent’ found its inspiration from the parent brand itself – Pidilite’s wisdom and legacy and what it’ll bring to the new wave of dentistry in India. For only the wise seek knowledge to do better, create innovations for the new, and facilitate big ideas to simplify things.

The Identity

Our approach to creating Wizdent, the brand, came from their own product story of making the lives of Indian dental professionals more efficient, simpler and better. Therefore, we took from the dental practice and put it, well, into practice.

Dentists use a unique shorthand system called Palmer Notation that helps them identify teeth in each quadrant. These are essentially L-shaped symbols designating the position of the tooth in the quadrant.

Brand Positioning 
The Fine Art of Dentistry

There is art in science, and science in art. There are solutions that come from both. Complementing, encouraging and innovating. Neither are complete without the other. Wizdent walks the thin line that merges the best parts of both.We borrow from the sciences to master the art of dentistry. We take from the arts to communicate the science ofdental care.

Functional Packaging Design system based on product use and benefit
The Problem

Dentists today are using dental consumable brands and products that look like any other medicinal product. Their packaging and design are thoughtless, complicated and 10 shades of boring. Heavy text and information overload don’t help the cause either.

Not only are the aesthetics outdated, but they also lack visual uniformity. When the range expands to premium or special products, most brands fail to create a consistent design language, creating a disjointed family of varied colours, styles and visuals.

The Solution
Breaking the clutter by method

Wizdent strives to make dentistry Simple, Better and Efficient. The packaging design aids in doing exactly that, through a functional design system based on product use and benefit.


Product Categorisation

The entire product range is categorised into 3 tiers and named according to price and quality. Each category is then assigned a colour to fashion a clear visual distinction.



ach product type is symbolised by an icon derived from dental diagrams to make it easier to identify products. Over time, these icons will come to stand as identities for their product types.


Product Benefit & USP

The front of the pack showcases product usage or benefit as a big and bold tagline. This, along with the category icon enables easier and faster understanding of the product for the dentists.

Product Communication

Product Brochure

Medical IFU (Instruction for use) Leaflet placed inside product boxes

Exhibition Booth – Facade

Exhibition Booth – Interior

Wizdent Product Catalogue – an overview of the brand and its offerings for dental professionals

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