How do you take a higher role in woman’s healthcare?


By redefining healthcare for women across generations.​

W Hospital by Pratiksha

With over 20 years of experience in providing quality healthcare, Pratiksha Group is an established name in East India. The brand wanted to launch their flagship project, ‘W Hospital’, with an exclusive focus on women’s healthcare. The health of a woman has a deep impact on families, communities and well-being of children. And with modern lifestyles, women are facing new healthcare challenges. The brand endeavours to serve women’s healthcare needs across all stages of their lives.

Our task was to design the brand identity and establish W Hospital as a one-stop destination for women’s healthcare. The identity is inspired by the spiral goddess symbol. Spiral is a sign of female power through transition and growth. It also represents the eternal cycle of life. The triple spiral represents the three powers of maiden, mother and crone. A flexible identity system was designed, allowing us to extend the concept to all the different departments within the hospital.

Services: Brand Identity | Design Language | Marketing Collaterals

Client: Pratiksha Group

Sector: Healthcare

Spiral form of the W identity has been taken extended as a jaali pattern within the hospital interiors and exteriors.

Launch advert for the hospital

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