How do you sell a futuristic workplace?


By weaving together people, places and stories.

Myscape Weave

Myscape’s first commercial project combines location and design to offer a unique product to an unexpectant market: the small and medium enterprise in Hyderabad that needs high quality office space. Myscape Weave transcends generic office spaces in terms of location, contemporary architecture, robust services, well planned core-area, flexible floor plans, landscaped amphitheatre and club amenities. This building is designed to make each day more inspiring, productive and entertaining. We wanted the brochure to reflect the core attributes of the property, by positioning the property as the perfect place for a modern business.

Services: Naming | Branding | Editorial Design
Client: Myscape Properties Pvt. Ltd.
Sector: Real Estate

Whoever said an office had to look like an office lacked imagination.

Myscape Weave takes everything that an office should traditionally be, and challenges it. Think collaborative environment, think sustainable and timeless architecture, think flexible office  spaces and think working out while still in office. Inspired by the path breaking collaborative  culture the space intends to create, we named the property Myscape Weave.

An entrance so grand, your visiting card will feel heavier.

The ground level binds the various spaces into a cohesive community through a sheltered landscape towards the rear. The flow of traffic is planned in a clear and segragated manner so that the vehicles and pedestrians do not cross paths, and neither do incoming and outgoing vehicles.

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