How can a dental brand reassure people?


Redesigning dentistry to relieve fears and phobias.

The Tooth Company

If there’s one person everyone’s scared of, it’s the dentist. Nobody likes going for a routine check-up. Which is problematic, since the longer you put it off, the worse a seemingly simple problem could can get.

Our task wasn’t just to create the brand identity of a dental chain. It was to change behaviour. How do we get people to start going to the dentist again? We wanted to create a brand that reassured people. For that, we needed a brand language that comforted people, instead of threatening them.

Services: Branding | Editorial | Advertising

Client: Toothbox Pvt Ltd

Sector: Healthcare

In a world where most dental chains are unwelcoming, cold and clinical, we wanted to create a brand that reassured people.

The Tooth Company is a multi-speciality dental care centre in Hyderabad, founded by Dr Shailee Swarup and Saumil, that follows the ‘Let’s Talk’ philosophy. Communication plays a vital role in reducing dental anxiety. Inspired by the brand’s philosophy, our brand identity is composed of quotation marks that form the shape of a tooth.

A Brand that was warm and friendly.

We created faces as a design element to showcase the services we offered. And our design language comforted people instead of threatening them.


Root Canal





Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay



Missing Tooth

Missing Tooth

The Tooth Company aims to reduce patient anxieties through experience design.

The minimalist design is combined with the freshness of the greens, purified air, suspended natural aroma, calming music, carefully chosen colours as well as noise cancellation headphones and eye masks to relax during the treatment same.

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