How do you make an Indian restaurant look unique to its culture and yet appeal to the cosmopolitan Indian?


By adding flavourful idioms with a sprinkle of tradition and nostalgia.

The Culture House

The Culture House is an all new vegetarian restaurant in South Mumbai that aims to bring back regional dishes from across the country with a touch of nostalgia, using local ingredients and age old recipes that have been mastered over generations.

Our task is to design the experience for The Culture House, a place where the ingredients will be fresh, cooking authentic and presentation simple. In an environment that is warm and welcoming. Just like our homes.

The aim for the branding of TCH was to reignite the interest for the past by presenting it with a touch of modernity that the urban youth can relate to. Thus, a spoonful of tradition sprinkled with a touch of modernity is the underlining philosophy across all touch points.

Services: Branding | Design Language
Client: The Culture House
Sector: Food & Beverage

The logo mark is derived from combining the alphabets ‘C’ and ‘H’ of the Culture House to form the alphabet ‘क’ in Devanagari script which has phonetic similarities to the alphabet ‘K’ in English.
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