How can a building change the future of your business?


By creating a connection between its features and the concerns of prospective clients.

Myscape Terraza

The way in which people work is constantly evolving. Located in the financial district in Hyderabad, Terraza South and Terraza North is a landmark, a badge of pride that organizations aspire for. The property was designed to be efficient for an organization and its employees. And our brief was to communicate this efficiency effectively.

To position the project, we approached the problem from the perspective of the prospective buyer/tenant. Terraza was designed to inspire. We raised various thought-provoking questions to make the reader curious about the building by connecting various features of the project with larger benefits that would have a positive impact on a company’s team, performance, and even the planet. Illustrations that are aligned to the new-age workforce act like section-breakers throughout the brochure. The first-person tonality helped establish a direct relationship with the customer.

Services: Naming | Branding | Editorial Design

Client: Myscape

Sector: Real Estate

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    Every brand journey needs a start. Start yours here.

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