How do you design for classic journalism in a digital age?


Redesigning from paper to screen.

The Telegraph Online

With an editorial policy that supports, among others, secularism and a free state, The Telegraph India is widely regarded as an emblem of everything a modern newspaper should be. Coupled with a long tradition of talented journalists, The Telegraph has always been in the thick of things — be it breaking news, unearthing scoops or investigating news. It takes up issues, makes the reader think and puts them in touch with the best of minds.

However, Brand Telegraph’s success in India is geographically limited to the East. Through the years, it has led to evolution of print content towards local rather than national. The digital battle, however, was one of scale. It required appeal to a pan-India audience. We were comissioned to design the online brand language for The Telegraph India from favicon to Infographics.

Services: Design Language | Brand Guidelines

Client: The Telegraph India

Sector: Journalism | Digital Publishing

Design Language

Technology has evolved the way we consume media and news. We used to flip pages. But today we scroll.



Design Language

We meticulously crafted the favicon to render as sharp as possible at 16×16 pixels!

Our design language is derived from the essence of scrolling. This helps in creating simple grid systems that can work across social media, infographics, and The Telegraph website.

Journalism is a field of constant flux, it is unpredictable and dynamic in nature. And so we developed a kinetic system that can match it’s pace.

Icon System

The icon design system follows the scroll design language. In case more icons are required, please keep the icon style flat and follow the general scroll guidelines for maximum consistency.

Movie Reviews

Book Reviews

Celebrity Chef

Cricket News

Brand Manual

The final deliverable was a comprehensive brand manual that described how the visual language ties across all digital mediums of The Telegraph.

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