How do you choose a notebook that inspires you?


By judging the book by its cover.​


SWOT is a notebook brand launched by Shrachi Group, primarily targeting young India. The brief was to design a set of notebook covers for their ‘wiro range’. Through its design, the brand aims to connect with college students and young professionals.

Across North, Central and West India. Available in Corner shops, modern trade & online stores. Around 25,000 to 30,000 copies of each design was released.

Services: Design Strategy | Product Template | Book Covers

Client: Shrachi Group

Sector: Education

Collaboration: WYSIWYG Communications

SWOT City Series

A montage of elements capturing the culture, identity and essence of the respective cities was put together to create a unique cityscape that represents the vastness and vibrancy of India. Implementing a style that draws inspiration from traditional Indian folklore and tribal art of Gond and Madhubani, the artwork was intricately rendered by hand over each city’s map.


The following designs aims to connect with the youth.

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