How can you solve the biggest financial issue for a small business?


By breaking down the big problem into small steps.​

Small is Big

Intuit India wanted to communicate the importance of financial management in the day-to-day operations of small businesses in India. The white paper commissioned by them shares essential data on financial management trends through qualitative and quantitative interviews with 350 small Indian businesses.

With India being home to the second largest number of small businesses in the world, the white paper will help organizations understand the need for a strong financial process to be implemented in the first three years. The white paper opens with information on current business trends with relatable examples from the interviews conducted. The document goes on to elucidate the value of a little extra effort in the early stages for smooth operations in the long run. As a conclusion the white paper also expands on the role of technology as the future of financial management.

We conceptualized and designed the white paper with the core thought of “Small is Big”. The idea being that every small business has the potential to grow big. If small financial management process, are employed in the early stages, the business will eventually yield big results. We collated the data from Intuit’s findings into a concise document that speaks to small business owners in an interesting and impactful way. The infographic design style showcased statistics creatively, drawing attention to the crucial bits of information.

Services: Editorial Deisgn

Client: Intuit India

Sector: Finance

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