How do you create a sense of tranquility in one of the most bustling neighbourhoods?


By taking inspiration from enduring Japanese architectural and design philosophies.

Myscape Otomo

Towering amidst the Financial District of Hyderabad, Myscape Otomo consists of 46 boutique homes with two 4-BHK apartments on each floor, at 5000 square foot each. Inspired by enduring Japanese architectural and design philosophies, every aspect of Myscape Otomo blends beauty with subtlety, aesthetics with astuteness. It forms tranquillity amidst activity.

The design declutters space, accentuating the natural order of things. The architecture and design reflect a larger philosophy of holistic living and upgraded lifestyles. A lot of research and care was taken to treat our inspiration from Japanese culture with respect- from the craft of matching the geometric Latin logotype to Japanese kanji letterforms, the accuracy and readability of the horizontal and vertical logo stackings to the distinct colour palette.

Services: Naming | Branding | Editorial Design

Client: Myscape

Sector: Real Estate

Each spread has been designed keeping in mind a balance of strong geometric shapes and the subtlety of Japanese symbolism. Features include modular grid systems, typographic restraint, minimalism and ample negative space.
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