What if you could see a place before actually going there?


Redesigning travel research into a travel companion.


QuaQua is a digital experience platform that integrates 360-degree virtual reality content for the global travel and tourism industry. QuaQua is a virtual travel assistant that allows users to virtually travel anywhere in the world. Users can explore destinations and stories through real and immersive 360˚/VR/AR travel experiences. QuaQua is the first of its kind platform in the world that acts as an integrator for aggregators in travel ecosystem.

The brief for was to establish QuaQua as a friendly virtual travel companion.

Services: Branding | Positioning | Communication

Client: QuaQua

Sector: Tech

Through the rabbit hole

A rabbit hole is a long and winding exploratory path with many connections and offshots. Paths that very often lead to exciting new destinations. It’s like going down the rabbit hole whenever you use QuaQua and wear your VR glasses, you don’t know what exactly you are going to see, but you do know that you are going to be spellbound by whatever it is.

Meet the QuaQua Hopper, your travel companion

QuaQua Hopper is the brand mascot for QuaQua. He joins you on all your virtual travel adventures while keeping you entertained. You’ll never be alone when your Hopper companion is around.

We created a set of illustrations showing QuaQua Hopper indulging in different activities and adventures. Custom strokes were used to make the illustration style truly unique to QuaQua.

We love knowing things.
We love videos because they don’t lie.
We love user reviews because those are honest.
We love looking before we leap.
We’re Qua Qua.

We love knowing things.
We love videos because they 
don’t lie.
We love user reviews because
those are honest.

We love looking before weleap.
We’re Qua Qua.

You’ll never feel alone.
Going on a virtual travel might get lonely after a while. QuaQua Hopper makes sure that he’s always there for company. No matter where you go, QuaQua Hopper will be there for you.
Icon System

We developed an icon system with unique graphic style that would differentiate QuaQua from other platforms. The icons consist of Line art using the brand colours.

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