How did we take the fear out of short-stay surgery?


By demystifying and simplifying it for the everyday Indian.

Pristyn Care

Pristyn Care is a healthcare start-up for elective surgeries which works on an asset-light business model. It has a thriving ecosystem of 250 hospitals and 80 clinics spread across 17 cities.

Founded in late 2018, the entity’s vision aims to provide patient-centric healthcare services through every step of one’s journey – from diagnosis to recovery. The brand offers end-to-end services spanning across a range of functions: Tele-Medicine, Elective Surgeries across General Surgery (Laser and Laparoscopic surgeries), Vascular, ENT, Gynaecology, Urology and Plastic Surgery, and Pharma-delivery at home. The surgeries at Pristyn Care leverage the most advanced medical technology and equipment, which is completely owned by the company.

Pristyn Care ensures a truly smooth experience for every patient; Right from discovery of the right doctor, easy booking of appointments, receiving detailed diagnoses, assistance with insurance paperwork, commute from home to the hospital and back on day of the surgery, smooth admission-discharge processes, and follow-up consultations post surgery – Pristyn Care goes the extra mile to ensure that each and every one of these experiences is hassle-free and care-filled.

Services: Positioning | Rebranding | Communication
Client: Pristyn care
Sector: Healthcare

Because we don't want you to play the waiting game.
Day-care Surgery is minimally invasive by nature, wherein the patient usually undergoes surgery in the morning and can be discharged on the same day/within 24 hours. A patient can easily be admitted in the morning, undergo the surgery, and can be discharged in the evening. The identity is inspired by the core offering of the brand – elective day-care surgery. Each quadrant in the brand identity is reflective of the time of the day and how a patient can get back to life in no time.
We worked with the key stakeholders to articulate the Brand DNA
Surgery designed to be hassle-free and care-filled

The signage system was defined for a single speciality clinic or a multi-speciality clinic.

Illustrations system​

A set of illustration was added to the visual assets of the brand. These could be leveraged along the patient journey.

Design Language
The quadrants from the logo extends itself to define the design language for Pristyn Care. Different proportions of the quadrants could be used to design different communication pieces.
Icon Design system
Follow-up cards for patients, so that short-stay surgeries don’t feel like one-night stands.​
We mapped the brand touch-points along the patient journey to create a holistic experience.
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