How can a skin and hair clinic go beyond appearances?


By addressing the concept of inner beauty.

Oliva Gets a Facelift

Oliva is a medico-aesthetic clinic. What sets it apart? The fact that it has qualified cosmetic dermatologists and trichologists who closely monitor any issue you may have with your skin or hair.

NH1 Design was commissioned to create a new identity system to communicate the medical edge the brand has to offer above other skin and hair brands, which primarily focus on beauty.

Services: Branding | Design Language | Design Strategy

Client: Sreyas Holistic Remedies Pvt Ltd

Sector: Healthcare



The Science of Transformation

Oliva’s design strategy stems right from the science of advanced medicine and the aesthetics of transformation. The teal colour had embodied Oliva’s brand values since its inception. It was the face of the brand, so we kept the existing brand colour and instead modernised the wordmark.  The new typeface in the logotype combines the principles of both serif and sans-serif, satisfying the need of the brand to be both elegant and clinical, thus complementing the underlying concept of Oliva as a brand—The Science of Transformation.

The Science of Transformation explained using the Science of Patterns
Defining the visual design language, a set of customised patterns have been created for each of the specialised skin and hair services offered by Oliva. They are a graphic and scientific representation of skins cells and hair follicles, used to create a visual story in the interiors of the clinics.

The verbal language addressed the insecurities associated with Skin and Hair related concerns

Oliva is not just about improving skin and hair conditions but also helps restore individuals’ self-confidence and self-esteem. The verbal language connects with patients emotionally by omitting scars, we help alleviate stress.

The verbal language addressed the insecurities associated with Skin and Hair related concerns

Oliva’s revamped identity has been rolled out in 14 clinics across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and more cities.

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