Why should the book that carries fashion, be any less fashionable?


It shouldn’t.

All that Glitters is Gold

Pallavi Mohan’s Autumn Winter collection at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week marks a seminal shift from the previous playful collections to a more structured look. The strong influence of the precious and permanent and in particular, lustrous metals, on the collection is portrayed through the title, set in gold stamping against timeless antique gold color.

Thematically, the interspersing of a wide variety of fabrics is rendered using 3D lens lamination on the invite. It is something to savor and treasure over time because All That Glitters is Gold.

Walk on the Wild Side

‘Walk on the wild side’ as the collection themed at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2014, designer Pallavi Mohan chose to go with pastels as always with a sheerness. Dappled sunshine and the scent of citrus; a light breeze and a hint of mischief. Delightfully defiant is the SS15 collection by Not So Serious.

This year’s look book was inspired by the garments floral embroideries floral motifs and the colour palette. Chase the butterflies, roll in the grass, kiss the sun with the playfully nostalgic Spring Summer look-book.

Boardwalk Grit

Pallavi Mohan’s Spring Summer collection at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week is designed with a delicate playful twist and a romantic heart. Not So Serious’ SS14 collection ‘Boardwalk Grit’, draws its inspiration from the idea of strolling down your own boardwalk, with the eclectic yet cohesive Spring Summer collection. The kind of blowing grit that gets in-between the toes when you walk down the boardwalk. Leather sandals leaving fleeting tracks on the wooden planks.

The fresh salty smell of the sea in a frisky breeze rustling through your hair. To show this mood, we overlayed pressed flowers over the photographs of the outfits and used muted, illustrated patterns in the backdrop.

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