How do you design for a seriously luxurious fashion label?


Weaving not so serious moments by creating a sense of discovery and delight.​

Not So Serious

Not So Serious is a premium Indian fashion label by Pallavi Mohan. It is a confluence of western and Indian techniques with interesting colours and mixed media, representing feminine sensibilities. Not So Serious made its debut at the Fashion Design Council of India, showcasing its A/W ’09 collection at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in New Delhi, (now Amazon India Fashion Week). Since then, the label has grown into a highly admired and successful brand known for breaking the mould and creating an individual style statement. Presently, the brand retails from leading stores such as Anthropology in USA & UK; multiple boutiques in Middle East, Europe and India.

On the 10th anniversary of fashion label Not So Serious, brand directors Pallavi and Sidharth Mohan launched their flagship store in New Delhi. As Not So Serious evolved over time, its identity needed a revamp to reflect its existing designs and magnitude. With the launch of its first flagship retail store, Not So Serious wanted to enhance its brand experience and provide its patrons with a space in which to interact with and appreciate the brand. This transformation was also utilised to align the label’s brand values, interior design and visual brand identity.

Services: Rebranding | Design Language 
Client: Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan
Sector: Fashion



The Monogram

The new visual identity of Not So Serious had to communicate luxury and class yet an aspect of quirkiness and individuality. The outcome was a finely sculpted bespoke NSS monogram with contrasting thicks and thins juxtaposed with a symmetrical and debonair Not So Serious logotype.

Elegance Served with a Side of Quirkiness

While the logo was kept sharp and serious, the extended brand communication had elements of quirkiness and wit to make people smile. The messages on the garment tags, hangers in the changing room and other such touch points humanised the brand and made it an immersive experience. The type was intentionally set in Baskerville to contrast the witty text with a sober elegance. These fun elements added a sense of discovery and engagement to the shopping experience.

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