How do you sell a high rise lifestyle?


By positioning this as the new high in the city.

Myscape Loft

The Loft is one majestic building that towers over the vibrant financial district of Hyderabad. Designed to form an iconic residential high-rise in the heart of the city, each floor has just two apartments – spanning a breathtaking 5000 sqft across 4 beautifully designed bedrooms. The views and sunlight orientations are spectacular, no matter which side you’re on, or which apartment you book for that matter.

Equipped with all amenities, The Loft’s Jenga-like structure is also an ingenious architectural device that creates a multi-volume experience throughout. Shooting vertical fins and inner glass capsule elevators gives one a breath-taking view of the city, as one travels upward.

NH1 Design was commissioned to develop a brochure and identity that would enable prospective buyers to experience a taste of life in one of their luxurious residential project.

Services: Branding | Branding | Editorial Design

Client: Myscape

Sector: Real Estate

The Logotype cleverly hints the unique stacking’ structure of the facade, by stacking L&O together.
Inside is outside.
And outside is in.

The Brochure is designed to be percieved as a photo album, a visual representation of memories the future residents will live. The vertical orientation of the brochure also symbolises the high-rise structure of Myscape Loft.

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