How do you position a property that offers a uniquely natural living experience?


By selling it as a space that goes back to the roots of scientific living.

Myscape Sanctuary

Myscape Sanctuary stands on 4 acres of lush greenery in the centre of Hyderabad. It offers 4 towers, each with 15 floors. This development is all about carefully planned architechtural science to ensure better living. It draws elements from modern design while being complimented by mother nature.

Each home offers a private terrace with scenic views creating a constant visual connect with nature. The facade with planter boxes of various plants have a unique aesthetic appeal resembling hanging gardens. It has been strategically planned with deep soil zones positioned for tall plantations between blocks, making it a beautiful natural reserve for people to come home to.

Our task was to communicate the core essence of the project and position Sanctuary residences as homes that offer modern living amidst the heart of nature itself.

Services: Naming | Branding | Positioning | Marketing Collaterals

Client: Myscape Properties Pvt Ltd

Sector: Real Estate

The Science of Living

Myscape Sanctuary radically envisions green living. The development features a striking combination of architecture with science that embraces nature. This is exhibited through the rich surrounding foliage, the green facades resembling hanging gardens, deep soil areas for tall plantations between blocks that ensure majority of the property as a sustainable landscape. Inspired by this harmony between nature and modern life, we positioned Sanctuary as homes that harbour ‘The science of living’.

Built around Nature

The apartments at Sanctuary blend into natural surroundings emphasizing a constant connection with nature. The property brochure too, is a reflection of the natural surroundings embracing the apartments. It features a combination of carefully crafted ink-impressions and illustrations of flora and fauna, representing the modern natural reserve that Myscape Sanctuary is. An array of textures of paper and finishes complimented with the illustrations add a charismatic charm to the brochure.

A Sanctuary, right in the heart of a busy city

The sales office captures the fresh spirit of the brand, reflecting the natural essence of Myscape Sanctuary – The science of living.

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