How can hospitals provide better care to patients?


By evolving into professionally managed brands.


For a hospital to ensure that its patients receive better treatment, it needs to first look after itself.

In India, private hospitals have a huge opportunity to improve occupancy rates and reduce their sourcing costs while they significantly improve their patient- management metrics. This requires marketing, service additions or upgrades, improvement in patient experience across clinical/non-clinical areas, purchasing at scale and, most important, a team of experienced specialist doctors and nursing staff.

Enter MediSync: a B2B knowledge and delivery platform consisting of a central pool of healthcare experts. Established by practising doctors and management professionals, this platform is shared across hospitals enabling them to access the best in industry practices, wide network and proprietary technology. Hospitals benefit by offering superior patient experience which improves their financial performance. MediSync’s brand mission is to deliver value to all stakeholders in the healthcare eco-system by enabling providers to offer enhanced patient experience and creating a trusted healthcare brand. The MediSync network helps private hospitals become operationally better and financially healthier.

NH1 Design was commissioned to design an identity and positioning for brand ‘MediSync’.

Services: Positioning | Branding | Communication

Client: Medisync

Sector: Healthcare

Identity Design

In designing the brand’s identity, we decided to stay focused on the twin aspects of medical care and the network of possibilities: the four medical crosses woven together in the brand identity are symbolic of this network of hospitals affiliated to MediSync. Each medical cross represents the brand core pillars of verified doctor credentials, patient centricity, uniform care and transparent process – the fundamental strengths that MediSync leverages for its partner hospitals.

Brand Positoning | Healthier Together

The brand positioning ‘Healthier Together’ was arrived at using the same approach: because ‘health is wealth’ applies here, the brand expresses itself as an equal partner to its clients and creates the sentiment of evolving jointly.

Visual Style

The Visual Style follows three distinct routes for effective and consistent communication. Multiple visual styles were designed to cover a broad range of advertising.

Icon System
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