Why does the jungle you live in need to be concrete?


Redesigning the idea of selling the space you live in, into the space that lives around you.​

222 Rajpur, Dehradun by Max Estates

Max Estates is the newly launched real estate arm of the Max Group. Their first project, 222 Rajpur, is a premier residential community that offers a soulful retreat in the most exclusive location of Dehradun with panoramic views of the Mussoorie Hills, abutting the Malsi Reserve Forest.

Inspired by European modernism, the architecture facilitates seamless use of space, natural light and scenery. To reflect these characteristics, we wanted the collaterals to be understated. We used craft paper that lends earthiness, paired with minimal copper foiling to add just the right amount of luxury.

Hand-drawn sketches were placed alongside actual renders on translucent paper to showcase how the architect’s vision of the project was translated into reality.

The process of buying a property is often confusing and mundane. So we also designed marketing collaterals including application forms and folders that are not just visually appealing but functional as well.

Services: Branding | Editorial | Advertising

Client: Max Estates Limited

Sector: Real Estate

Application Forms Folder

Branded Pen Drive

Form Booklet

The act of simply handing over the keys to a new property seems so apathetic and mundane. In an effort to go beyond, a welcome kit was designed for 222 Rajpur to value the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

The thoughtfully crafted box has ‘Welcome to your own little forest’ delicately copper foiled on the front, while the premium black interiors add a touch of luxury, with each item nicely stowed within custom wells. Included was a fine leather pouch to organise the rooms keys across all floors, a journal with hand-drawn illustrations reminiscent of all the warm and homely elements associated with valley living, a pen, four bottles that house a variety of seeds as a symbol of growth and continuity and two natural soy wax candles in traditional scents of sandalwood and jasmine. Consequently, each item was carefully curated to celebrate the commitment, with an aim to make new buyers feel at home.

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