How do you position an electric battery so that it wins over EV customers in a crowded segment?


By going beyond product features to build an emotional benefit.

Log9 Materials

Log9 Materials is a revolutionary, planet-friendly startup that creates responsible energy solutions using innovative deep tech, in order to create a better tomorrow. The company has invented cost-effective EV batteries with accelerated charging time which guarantees superior battery performance, durability, smoother drive, safety and adaptability to Indian roads and extreme weather conditions. By partnering with relevant automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners, Log9 Materials provides state-of-the-art, advanced EV batteries for commercial vehicle owners.

Log9 Materials uses its core competence in advanced materials enabled cell level innovation to create batteries that are nine times more superior to what is available in the current market. The startup stands for providing solutions for climate change by building energy storage technologies that are efficient, commercially viable and scalable. Log9 Materials is committed towards providing advanced battery technologies that solve the challenges of current electric vehicles for intracity and long haul commercial usage.

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Client: Log 9 Materials

Sector: Tech

One of the key features of Log9 batteries is its accelerated charging time. The thunderbolt, a universal symbol of speed and charging, was introduced in the counter of 9 to create a strong and ownable wordmark. The sharp features of the letters and the italics expresses the futuristic technology that Log9 offers in its products and offerings.


The challenge was to tackle the various pain points attached to adoption of EVs in India.  While every other player in the market was promising the latest technology and various other  features, nobody was addressing the anxiety surrounding the EV range and performance. NH1  Design closely worked with the Log9 team to communicate a key emotional benefit along with  the distinctive product features. The resultant positioning statement speaks to businesses and consumers alike.

Log9 believes in catering to its consumers through these three pillars. Log9 powered EVs  guarantee nothing but the best, from the rapid pace at it which it charges, to basics such as  handling and performance. The EVs are meticulously engineered to perform at the highest  level in all extreme conditions, across all kinds of terrain on the Indian subcontinent. So,  when customers choose a Log9-powered EV, they can be sure that it comes with  unquestionable dependability, and a worry-free ownership, thus paving the way for  complete peace of mind.

Ingredient Branding

NH1 Design took an Ingredient Branding approach to create a stronger position for Log9 Materials iN the supply chain and  to become a partner instead of just being an exchange-able supplier. Log9 Materials partners with relevant automotive  OEMs to provide advanced EV batteries to commercial vehicle owners. Ingredient Branding offers an ideal opportunity for  such OEMs and manufacturers of EV solutions, to inform consumers about the benefits that Log9 batteries are delivering  to the final product. In exchange, Log 9 batteries can create differentiation and preference for our partner brand in the  value chain by introducing meaningful communication concepts at relevant touchpoints of the customer journey.

Ingredient branding touchpoints

Co-branded logo 

Co-branded Electric Vehicles


Partner website 

B2C & B2B ads


Co-branded logo units

Several logo units were created for usage across different areas of co-branding. The application of branded components can improve the vehicle’s value compared to EVs from competitors. The use of Log9 batteries can have a positive effect on the EV’s brand image without a significant increase in marketing costs.

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Last mile delivery partners

Log9 solves the uptime problem by providing rapid charging and/or charging while loading. Another feature is the consistent load bearing capacity across battery discharge so there is no longer the pressure to drop off heavier objects early on in a journey. Log9 also offers early pilots with fleet management companies to expose them to how the rapid charging solution can work for them. This leads to lower downtime which ultimately results in more ROI per vehicle.


Communication ads were aimed at explaining the various features and USPs of Log9 batteries to businesses and consumers. Since last-mile delivery executives are an important part of the Indian EV ecosystem, the campaign was conceived of originally in Hindi as well to encourage them to adopt Log9 batteries. Along with last-mile delivery partners, fleet owners are also an equally important stakeholder in the ecosystem. It was also important to communicate how Log9 is beneficial to the planet.

Feature-led ads talking about the benefits of the battery.
Ads targeting fleet owners focussing on performance and decreased costs.
Hindi ads for drivers and last-mile delivery executives talking about reduced time and cost.
Co-branded ads for OEMs to showcase Log9 as a partner.
Partner website banner

Log9 partners with various OEMs to provide best-in-class performance to its consumers. When a user visits a partner website, a section dedicated to Log9 can inform users about the battery and the features that go into the respective vehicle.

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