How do you encapsulate the rich heritage of a city through a sport?


By redesigning the crest of its football team and scoring a perfect goal on social media.

Hyderabad FC

Hyderabad FC is a contemporary Indian professional football club based in the ancient city of Hyderabad, Telangana. It competes in the top tier of Indian football, the Indian Super League(ISL). The club is owned by businessmen, Vijay Madduri, Varun Tripuraneni, and actor Rana Daggubati. Hyderabad FC made their top-flight debut in the 2019-20 edition of the ISL.

The debut season saw Hyderabad FC being launched in a hurry due to the paucity of time to prepare before the start of the season. This lack of time resulted in an inadequate attempt to bond with – and capture the attention of – the city’s audience. It also resulted in a poor first season, which saw the team finish in the bottom place in the league. From there onwards, the team could go only one way: up!

And so, with the announcements of new and exciting player signings in the team for the 2020-21 ISL season, Hyderabad FC aims to establish itself as a serious player in the league. A brand refresh is also helping the club to gain a strong foothold amongst football fanatics and in gaining new partnerships with international clubs.

Services: Rebranding | Positioning | Kit Design

Client: Hyderabad FC

Sector: Sports

Hyderabad is a city rich in both cultural as well as sporting history. Though it gave India a number of football legends in the form of players and coaches in the 1940s-1960s, Hyderabad’s football journey has been on a decline.
The new identity borrows from this rich heritage and has been crafted keeping new-age implementations in mind. The ‘HYD’ component has been retained from the previous logo as it gives the club an opportunity to extend the branding into areas beyond the field in the form of merchandise and other collaterals. The reference to the iconic Charminar, Hyderabad’s most prominent landmark, has been subtly retained in the form of four domes sitting on top of our logotype.



For the ISL 2020-21 season, the club decided to go ahead with Yellow as the home color and Black as the away color. The Yellow and Black combination will help the club stand out from the vast sea of reds, blues, and other combinations in this family. The colors, repeated over and over again, will lead to easy recall and ownership. It’s also seen that across the world, not many teams use these two colors, which adds to distinctiveness and easy recognition. For the third kit, we decided to go ahead with a neutral color, i.e. white, which is not used by any other team in the league.
The lack of time in the previous ISL season meant a lack of preparation which resulted in poor overall performance. Moving on from an unsatisfactory debut season, Hyderabad FC intended to have a fresh start to the 2020-21 season. The new campaign of ‘Har Kadam Naya Dum’ takes Hyderabad FC’s philosophy of a renewed power beyond the footballing pitch. The campaign helps Hyderabad FC to stand out amongst multiple teams from the city vying for attention and connects at an emotional and rational level with youngsters who are passionate about the sport and the city. It was launched with the hashtag #HarKadamNayaDum to communicate the newfound confidence of a team that would march ahead and scores on the go. The #HydKeHainHum helps fans from Hyderabad and surrounding areas build a strong bond with the club. Through the energetic campaign, Hyderabad FC will be established as one of the top clubs in the city and in the country.
The pandemic resulted in the majority of communication shifting to digital channels. Instagram was identified as a popular medium to reach fans. Story templates were created to keep the fans engaged during matchdays. The fans could take screenshots of these stories posted by Hyderabad FC’s official accounts and repost them on their own personal accounts to show their support for the team.​
The announcement of the new jersey was also done through social media. Keeping the fans hyped up for the jersey launch, we also linked the stories directly to the online store from where they could customize and purchase Hyderabad FC jerseys.
An Instagram face mask filter was also created for the fans to use and show their support for the team.
Templates were also created to keep the fans updated about the club, matches and the league.
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