How do you give a co-living brand a sense of belonging?


Redesigning co-living into community loving.


Housr is a social hub of mega co-living spaces that foster communities. The living spaces are fully furnished, equipped with all the amenities one can imagine (a gym, common areas, tuck shops, house-warming parties, dances, the works!). All their spaces are fully serviced. Which means everything is taken care of, right from the cleaning, to laundry to food. Housr has a wide range of spaces in dedicated towers, from studio apartments to co-sharing spaces, depending on what people are looking for.

Services: Branding | Design Language | Positioning | Environment Graphics

Client: Housr

Sector: Real Estate | Tech



When you open a Housr door, you open a door to a community way of living.

To capture the spirit of a community and the idea behind co-living, we created a logotype that uses the letter ‘H’ as a signifier for a door. The door is warm and welcoming, it further extends into a flexible identity design system. The gradient lends energy and enthusiasm to the sophisticated logotype. It was a strategic decision to keep the old brand gradient for recall but present it in a new avatar.

A door to endless possibilities.

Using this idea, the ‘H’ monogram was extended as a frame to visually represent the feeling and the energy of being a part of this community. It is a community symbol that expresses different things.

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