How do you brand a commercial building for the uber ambitious?


By positioning it as a destination for the distinctive.

One Golden Mile

One Golden Mile is a mixed-use (office space + retail) commercial development on 1.93 acres of land in the premier business district of Kokapet, WestHyderabad. The plot is abutting two major arterial roads named the Golden Mile Road and the Golden Mile Extension road. The retail component of the building is designed to strategicallycompliment the offices with utilitarian and self-sufficient services such as banking, FnB etc.

The value proposition of One Golden Mile is that it is designed to be an ideal destination for businesses of all sizes looking to establish their brand at a premium and a boutique address that they can make their own and one which allows them to stand out and be prominently visible in a way that a traditional big business park does not.

NH1 Design was commissioned to design the identity and brochure that would enable prospective businesses to invest in a space that fuels their ambitions.

Services: Naming | Branding | Editorial Design

Client: Aurean, Eskar and Terminus

Sector: Real Estate

The identity for One Golden Mile was designed to communicate stature and growth. The striking central stripe lends itself to be extended into the design language for the entire brochure. Rose gold was used as an accent colour not only in the brochure but in the interiors as well. To add a dimension to the reader’s experience, gateway sheets were used as breakers sparingly and intelligently.​
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