How can a hospital be a hospital for everyone when men and women have different needs?


Redesigning the concept of care to a specialized care for women.​

CK Birla Hospital for Women​​

One of the biggest Indian conglomerate, CK Birla Group, launches a new venture focused on the growing and largely unaddressed need for quality healthcare for women, including, but not limited to just birthing and maternity. With a robust focus on UK’s NHS and NICE guidelines, the CK Birla Hospital for Women launched its flagship hospital in Gurgaon this year.

To create the identity, all explorations and brainstorming came down to one fundamental question – what really makes a woman, a ‘woman’? The answer lies right inside. Women are born with two of the same kind of chromosomes (XX). The female chromosome paired with the medical symbol gave birth to an identity that stands for women’s health in its most meaningful and truthful way.

Services: Brand Identity | Design Language | Communication Collateral

Client: CK Birla Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Sector: Healthcare

Patterns derived from the XX chromosome compliment the brand identity and are an integral part of the brand’s visual design language.​

Greeting cards for the patients, and new mommies and daddies!

Food Menu for patients and their attendants – since the Hospital has a different menu everyday, we designed a menu template in MS Word which can be edited internally, without compromising on the brand’s visual appeal.

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