How do you simplify financing for healthcare?


By repositioning insurance into assurance.


Less than 5% of India has private insurance while 65% are under-insured. This results in 70% of India’s healthcare expenditure being paid for through people’s savings. Cashless insurance and non-coverage of certain diseases are also part of the problem. When faced with an emergency and insurance hurdles, people don’t know how to arrange money instantly. This is where CareCover comes in.

CareCover is India’s first company that provides coverage for Out of Pocket Expenses for a wide range of medical treatments that are not covered by health insurance plans. By creating a unique low-cost insurance product with easy to understand policy parameters, CareCover is a pre-approved medical payment plan which lets you pay medical bills with 0% EMIs at any partner hospital.

Services: Naming | Positioning | Branding | Communication

Client: LetsMD

Sector: Healthcare

The brand name is derived from the main brand promise. Health (care) + Insurance (cover) = Care Cover. Simple and direct, the brand name communicates what the brand does.
Identity Design
As CareCover acts as a parachute at times for your medical needs, the logo unit symbolizes protection and a safety net for anyone in need.
Brand Positioning
Doesn’t Just cover your health needs. But simplifies it.
Visual Style

The Visual Style follows three distinct routes for effective and consistent communication. Multiple visual styles were designed to cover a broad range of advertising.

Combining two different objects into a single illustration to bring a unique quirk and wit to the communication.
Combining the Care Cover logo with relevant images to communicate the services provided.
Using aspirational images of people combined with the logo.
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