How do you leverage a beer brand during a marathon?


By asking people to cool down

Bira 91 Light | Tata Mumbai Marathon

Bira 91 Light was the official companion of the Tata Mumbai Marathon in Jan 2020. This partnership and race could potentially give Bia 91 light an excellent opportunity to be a part of the running community and their lifestyle. The question was, how? Especially since beer as a category, has little to do with fitness.

The answer lay in the product and a fitness insight. From a product angle, Bira Light is just 90 calories and 3 gms carb per 330ml serving, which means that not only is it a healthier and lighter option for fitness enthusiasts but also conscious consumers looking to strike a balance between fitness and fun.

Services: Positioning | Event Branding

Client: B9 Beverages

Sector: Alcoholic Beverage/Event

What heats up must cool down.

The Insight: Warming up before exercise and cooling down and stretching after it are important aspect of any fitness activity. The term ‘cooling down’ is associated with any form of intense physical activity. When we engage in a high intensity physical activity, our body heats up, and trainers always suggest that we ‘cool down’ our bodies, so that our core temperature may return to normal.

Marathon Activation: Bira has never been associated with fitness. It’s always been associated with fun. It has always been the ‘cool’ drink to hang out with. Bira Light is a cool drink both in terms of temperature, and in terms of imagery. And our activation plan for Bira light shouldn’t be any different from what our brand represents. Leveraging our insight, we established Bira Light as a ‘cool down partner’ for our fitness enthusiasts.

The perfect cool down partner.
The term ‘cool down partner’ is long lasting, and doesn’t limit itself to just the marathon. Hard day? You cool down with a Bira Light. It’s an unwinding drink.
The key visual was then translated into a digital campaign and across all activation touch-points.
The key visual was then translated into a digital campaign and across all activation touch-points.
Cool down with Bira Light at the end of the finish line. Bar guide outlining the official cool down parties of the Tata Mumbai Marathon.
Run, finger, run.

When people are sitting on the table, the interactive table mat provides a fun time for the patrons with a simple ‘finger run’ game. Each person on the table uses his or her fingers (like legs) to run the course of the mini race.

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