How do you establish that Bariatric surgery can improve quality of life?


By shifting the focus from the journey of weight loss to the journey of transformation.

Asian Bariatrics

In the 21st century obesity has reached epidemic proportions in India, with morbid obesity affecting around 5 per cent of all Indians. Asian Bariatrics is a prestigious super-speciality centre at the forefront of state-of-the art treatment of all ailments related to obesity and the gastrointestinal tract. Our task was to re-brand it, communicating the transformational journey of the patient.

Fighting obesity is a journey; a journey of transformation; a journey inwards; a journey from A to B. Patients undergo bariatric surgery for emotional, physical and medical conditions. The brand identity depicts this journey which a patient has embarks upon and creates an emotional connection with them.

Services: Design Strategy | Brand Identity | Design Language

Client: Asian Bariatrics 

Sector: Healthcare

Collaboration: Medium Healthcare



It was about creating a branded experience across patient touch points.

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    Every brand journey needs a start. Start yours here.

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