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  Bringing Robotic Surgery  
  to the World.  

Bringing Robotic Surgery to the World

Vattikuti Foundation Robotic Surgery Institute is primarily aimed at promoting robotic surgeries among the network of institutions and doctors. Robotic surgeries are minimally invasive, robotically assisted surgeries where a surgeon uses robotic arms controlled through a console to perform the surgery.
Our task was to re-design the website and the brochure for the Global Robotic surgery conference to create awareness about robotic surgeries among patients, surgeons and institutions.
The website serves as a knowledge repository and has hundreds of videos available for surgeons to study and learn from some of the best minds in robotic surgery. The goal is to be the primary source of robotic surgery information for surgeons. All partner institutions are encouraged to promote information regarding significant events where Vattikuti Foundation partners and resources have made a difference in the lives of patients. In this way, Vattikutti Foundation serves to be a one stop destination for all Robotic Surgery related information or case studies.

Services: Web & Editorial design Client: Vattikutti Foundation  Sector: Healthcare

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