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Tummyfull – The Taste of Home

Tummyfull is a catering service, based out of Hyderabad,  offering freshly cooked, Indian home-style food. For an affordable price, customers have access to an unlimited choice of dishes encompassing the various regions and cultures of India; whilst being assured of quality, hygiene and authenticity. The brand is expected to have restaurants and drive-ins across the city in the following months.

Tummyfull was looking for an identity that captured the essence of a home-cooked meal. With the target audience being largely students, working professionals and migrant population who are far from home, the identity needed to appeal to their emotions. As Tummyfull deals with regional Indian food, the identity was also required to capture the different communities and cultures of India.

Services: Branding, Postioning, Packaging Client: Tummyfull Food Ventures Pvt.Ltd Sector: Hospitality


To capture what Tummyfull offers, we conceptualized "The taste of home". This idea triggers the feelings of comfort associated with a warm home-cooked meal. As home-style food is at the heart of Tummyfull, we decided to incorporate family at the heart of the identity.  We used the loving voice of mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other family members, to stir feelings of nostalgia in customers. These characters are common across every household in India, thereby appealing to the different regional needs of the brand.The idea was seamlessly extended into various channels of communication.



Social Media Post Templates
To ensure that the design language is extended into all communication, we also created Smart Templates for the brand to use on their social media platforms. These templates allow the brand to modify the content based on the requirement or occasion, while staying true to their new identity. 


Chef Recruitment Kit
To inspire chefs to be part of the Tummyfull family, we carried the design concept forward to a recruitment kit. This starter kit includes all the information required to be a successful Tummyfull Chef.