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Cashflow management. Does this sound cold? Fatigue inducing? Boring? Yawn-worthy? While these feelings were all true, they're also now a thing of the past. Cashflow management goes beyond  tracking your receivables and payables on an Excel sheet. It's the lifeline of your business.

Previously called 'Get Fiscal' and listed amongst the top 20 fintech startups in India 2016, is here to change the way you look at your business numbers forever. is a brand new online platform that'll change the way small business owners manage your money for good. So what does it do? It makes you see! makes you see your numbers so clearly that it gets easy to understand it, easier to analyse it and easiest to take action when your immediate needs show up in a flash. In simpler words, numberz offers a simple way to first recognise the cash-flow gaps clearly and then fix those gaps by advancing payments against your unpaid invoices.

The brief for the logo design was to clearly communicate that numberz had to do with money. So our challenge was to communicate words as digits. So we found a way to communicate both in a single expression.

Services: Naming, Branding, Postioning, Design Language, Communications  Client: Paradime Technologies Pvt.Ltd Sector: FinTech



The communication strategy was two pronged. The first was a route that communicates the fatigue of excel sheets by giving it the outdated tag, and giving numberz the tag of being the new iMac of accounting. The second route was to associate the very idea of cashflow management with all the most fatigue inducing tasks in life, things that make you procrastinate. Things you're not very happy about doing. In both routes the ideas were to connect with the feeling of our consumers when they sit down to do their accounting, then enhance them and finally offer the solution.