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Environmental Graphics for Woman and Child  Care Centre in Kolkata


Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre, Rawdon Street is Kolkata's most premium, trusted and dependable hospital for women, expectant mothers and children, since its inception 16 years ago. In view of the growing demand for super-specialized healthcare facilities for women and children, the brand was coming up with their second hospital in New Town, Rajarhat. The brief was to design the environmental graphics for the new hospital and refresh the brand identity by carrying forward the legacy and values of the brand. 

Services:  Rebranding, Postioning, Environmental Graphics    Client:  Ambuja Neotia     Sector:  Healthcare


With a 16 year legacy, Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre has very strong brand re-call and brand presence within the City of Joy.  Hence, it was a strategic decision to retain the brand DNA while minimally refining its form. The logotype was updated in order to make the brand more approachable. Further, we defined the environmental graphics system that influences the way care is provided.



Brand Positioning 
Caring about your care

Whenever we feel pain, discomfort or feel unwell, the first person we think about is our mother. Because nothing surpasses her love, her care and her warmth. How she empathises with the emotions, how she is delicate with her decisions and how she has the know-how of nurture. It’s the very idea of her care that makes us feel better. And while it’s impossible to replace her, it’s possible to bring her brand of care to people. We understand that not just her children but mothers need the same.




A hospital's physical environment affects patient outcome and recovery time. We devised an environmental graphic system which is warm, where the patients, parents and nurses can all feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. Our aim was to uplift the mood and well-being of the patients and visitors through design.

There’s something lovingly healing about animals. Just like humans, they possess motherly  instincts. They create an environment that is playful, calming and comforting. Each floor is assigned a particular animal that creates a memorable graphic language for users of all ages and backgrounds to navigate an often unfamiliar environment.


Waiting Area, Ground Floor


The design system reflects the hospital’s value of compassionate care.  
The graphics are contextual to the environment.   


DSC_4765 copyDSC_4765 copy

X-Ray Room, First Floor

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Kids Play Area, First Floor

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Animals in the paediatric wards stir the child's imagination while keeping them company.  

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Nurse Station, Fourth Floor

DSC_4970 copyDSC_4970 copy

The story has been extended on the signage and way-finding systems. Little parrots perched on patient name boards add delight and work as a secondary identifier to respective rooms. 

7th floor- Corridor passage7th floor- Corridor passage
DSC_4975 copyDSC_4975 copy
8th floor - Corridor Passage8th floor - Corridor Passage
9th floor - visitors lift area9th floor - visitors lift area
9th floor- corridor passage9th floor- corridor passage
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What are my rights again?
Making the mandatory information more engaging.

 We all have been to a hospital at some point in our lives. But how many of us actually know our patient rights or responsibilities? Patients Rights and responsibilities are a mandate in all the hospitals but it mostly goes unnoticed. Hence, we decided to redesign the Patient Rights and Responsibilities in a fun way so that it engages with the patient and attendants of all ages.



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