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Reserved for the Enviable 45 – Myscape Mea

Brand Strategy: 
The boutique Myscape​ property located in the heart of Hyderabad, offers all of 45 well-appointed apartments with the privacy of 1-2 apartments per floor. But along with this minimalistic aspect, there are a host of other features that in turn, maximize the lifestyle experience. 

Drawing from this unique balance of minimum with maximum, we drafted the brand positioning of "Where unlimited privileges await a priviliged few". The brand name Mea was coined to suggest individuality drawing from its nearness to the word 'me'. The privacy and exclusiveness in every detail of the property and its design lent support to the name.​

Services: Naming, Branding, Postioning, Marketing Collaterals Client: Myscape Properties Pvt.Ltd  Sector: Real Estate


Design Strategy: ​Design imitates life

Our task was to then ​design the marketing collaterals for Myscape Mea, highlighting the key features of establishing the property as a premium one. Every pattern in the brochure has been inspired by the design strategy of the elevation. ​​The apartments at Mea have been arranged in a linear, staggered arrangement to ensure optimal views, ventilation and lighting. Our brochure design too plays hide and seek in its revelation of content.​

The use of space in the brochure mirrors that of the architectural design such as the floor to ceiling height; the use of alphabets such as L that follow the topography of the L shaped living rooms; the stair patterns​ that connote ascension in the case of duplex apartments while the majesty of headlines grab attention in the same manner that distinctive, eye catching design hubs in the property do. Our addition of gold accents take appearances just a notch up to a different league of sophistication.