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British Council

Re-Imagine is an ongoing research and dialogue initiative of the British Council and partner organizations in India and the UK, that seeks to redefine the relationship between the two countries. Our task was to communicate this study in a common idea and design language across brand/event collateral such as posters, postcards, etc. Stamps are minuscule but powerful illustrations of the cumulative achievements, culture and history of the respective country. To depict cross-cultural ties between Britain and India; we created a collection of stamps that juxtapose cultural counterparts Eg. Daniel Craig and Amitabh Bachchan. These touch upon similarities and also emphasize the diversities of both cultures.

Services: Event Branding, Inforgraphics & Editorial Design  Client: British Council  Sector: Education Collaboration: Wysiwyg Communications


Through the research on India-UK cultural relations some common themes emerged, across the various sectors. We designed collaterals for these themes – like art, youth and civil society, education, business & sports so that the relevent data could be presented under these sections in a variety of formats.