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Birlasoft is a globally trusted partner in IT transformation and services over the past two decades. As a part of the prestigious 150 year old CK Birla Group, Birlasoft started with a mission to help every company, small and large, run their businesses better. Its vertical domain knowledge and technological solutions are powering digitization across industries. Birlasoft has been behind the tech improvements of some of the biggest names in the aviation, banking and automotive industries.

NH1 Design was commissioned to create the new identity to communicate Birlasoft’s energetic young force and approachable personality that embodies its brand values of being Engaged, Dependable and a Challenger.

Services: Brand Positioning, Branding, Design Language, Design Strategy
Client:  Birlasoft (India) Pvt Ltd.
Sector:  IT

The technology industry has always been a fast paced, rapidly changing industry. With all that’s changing around, and within Birlasoft,  the brief was to marry the future with the past, by means of a new identity that retains its 22-year legacy.  The lowercase ‘b’ in the logo defines approachability and simplicity whereas the brighter red signifies youth and energy and purveys the voice of a challenger. 

The tagline 'It's Done' is a simple expression of the brand promise and has a challenger spirit in it,
talks about the dependability as the brand assures about completion of the task. 'It's Done' conveys positivism, confidence, dependability and experience.

Birlasoft logo with taglineBirlasoft logo with tagline

The 'Birlasoft Band' is a prominent part of the brand’s design language and is inspired by the idenity system and the brand colours. A combination of grey texture along with red or grey stroke has been used as an illustration style across the brand collaterals. 


Brand Values - Engaged, Dependable and Challenger have been embodied into the space graphics. 

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